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Fenerbahce Soccer Stadium

Surface: Engineering Concrete | Product Used: STAIN-PROOF Original™ | Completed: January 2005



Fenerbahce Soccer Stadium is the first stadium in Turkey designed and built to international football regulation standards. It is also the first Turkish purpose built soccer stadium, with no surrounding running track, so the crowd can be as close as possible to the action. The stadium needed to be sealed against staining from tens of thousands of fans with food and beverages and weathering, and be as easy as possible to clean.

The stadium needed to be sealed against staining from tens of thousands of fans with food SPECIAL REQUIREMENTS:

Being a public venue and a high traffic venue, the project had a number of specific

  • Must resist water and oil-based staining. 
  • Quick to apply. 
  • Must be graffiti resistant.


Dry-Treat STAIN-PROOF Original™ was an easy choice for the building project managers. Dry-Treat’s unique sealing technology means STAIN-PROOF Original™ penetrates deeper and bonds permanently within the material, creating a deep ultra long life barrier of protection within the concrete. STAIN-PROOF Original™ does not change the slip resistance or look of the material, protects the surface from salt efflorescence, water ingress, freeze-thaw damage and both oil and water based staining.The stadium has been sealed for 3 years and the sealer continues to perform.

Product Range

Megapoxy P1

Megapoxy P1

Gap flling epoxy paste adhesive for civil engineering use


Πιστοποίηση 9001
Comply with ASTM standards
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