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Stone cladding

Demanding and difficult designs, special constructions and challenging stone cladding projects can be successfully accomplished using Megapoxy materials. The quality of the durability and large range of Megapoxy materials available for stone cladding, facilitate the effective and economic installation of stone cladding. Megapoxy stone cladding systems do not add weight to the structure and thus provide greater ongoing durability and resistance to weather conditions.

Megapoxy projects all over the world, from ocean-side high rise to skyscrapers in earthquake prone zones, attest to the necessity of using Megapoxy materials. Special applications such as those that require cladding to be installed at a distance from the walls, and claddings used at great heights, also necessitate the use of Megapoxy stainless steel anchoring in combination with Megapoxy adhesive systems. Our years of international experience in the field have made us pioneers in stone cladding.