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Melbourne Cricket Ground

Surface Type: Granite and Bluestone | Product Used: STAIN-PROOF Original™ | Completed: 2005

  • Superior water and oil repellence
  • Stands up to commercial cleaning and high volume traffic
  • The Natural look of the surfaces has to be maintained


The newly built areas of the stadium were to accommodate thousands of spectators each year. Repeated staining of the granite and bluestone surfaces was a prime concern, especially in the Members Bar areas where food and drink would be served regularly. The protection applied could not make the surfaces slippery or alter their original colour.

For this reasons STAIN-PROOF Original™ was chosen for the project. Its superior penetration and water and oil repellency will stop water, food and liquid spills from causing permanent staining. STAIN-PROOF Original™ permanently bonds to the material through a chemical reaction deep inside the pores where it is not affected by commercial cleaning processes. The sealer does not affect the wet slip resistance of a surface and also retains its natural. STAIN-PROOF Original™ comes with a 15-year performance warranty when the product is applied by a Dry-Treat™ Accredited Applicator

Product Range

Dry Treat  Stain Proof

Dry Treat Stain Proof

Impregnating invisible sealer


Πιστοποίηση 9001
Comply with ASTM standards
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