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South Wales Railroads

Innovative material that reduces maintenance costs and noise pollution


Time: In 2017

Client: New South Wales State Railways needed a material to secure line elements on concrete.

Requirements: Required material that:     

  • It absorbs vibrations     
  • Bonds iron with concrete     
  • It can withstand a wide range of temperatures     
  • It is easy to apply     
  • It resists engine oils and other chemicals  

Meetings / Conversations / Tests: There were extensive discussions with the client to understand the problem.

The problem

The old method of direct fixing in the cement of iron elements led to frequent cracks that required expensive maintenance. They needed an effective, fast, time-consuming application.

The solution

MEGAPOXY PM material was selected to ensure the connection of the metal elements to the concrete in a way that reduced the cracks, which virtually nullifies them, absorbs vibrations and reduces noise and noise polution from the passing trains, while withstanding friction, pressures, significantly increasing safety.

Product Range

Megapoxy PM

Megapoxy PM

Gap flling epoxy paste adhesive for civil engineering use


Πιστοποίηση 9001
Comply with ASTM standards
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