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Abaco Rhino Slab Rack


The Abaco Rhino Slab Rack is ideal for storing slabs of different sizes. The RSR010 is sold with two base rails and twenty poles; the RSR005 has twelve poles; the RSR004 has ten poles. The base rails have slots every two inches so poles can be repositioned to accommodate varying thicknesses of slabs.

Handles are on the sides of the base rails allowing for easy movement. Rails are rubber lined to protect material from chips and scratches. The poles are either rubber capped or lined to further protect material.


Model Number Length Width Height Capacity⊃1; W.L.L. Net Weight
RSR004 1250 179 1510 2727 5454 124
RSR005 1660 179 1510 2727 6820 158
RSR010 3000 179 1510 2727 14,000 272.7