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This is the blade for cutting steel rod channels in granite countertops

The metal rod is glued in place reinforcing the slab for transport

With this blade attached to the Alpha® AWS-110 or AWS-125 Wet Stone Cutter, a fabricator can accomplish the task in one easy pass.

The Hot-Rod for Granite blades were created with diamond grits and matrix best suited for all categories of granite, including hard red granites, to assure a long cutting life.

3” diameter give better leverage when cutting 1/4” deep channels, by allowing for better positioning of the stone cutter’s handle.

Available in three thicknesses: 1/4” for standard rods, 1/8” for thinner rods and 3/8” for threaded rods.

The Hot-Rod for Marble applies the same technology but is designed for softer stones such as marble.

This blade is available in 1/4” for standard and 1/8” for thinner rods.

For efficient creation of channels for reinforcing rods, attach this unique blade to our AWS-110 or AWS-125 for a smooth, dust-free operation.

Used in this manner, productivity will increase significantly.

Although Alpha® recommends wet cutting, these blades may be used wet or dry.