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Dry Treat Stain Proof Plus

STAIN-PROOF Plus™ is an impregnating, invisible and breathable sealer that protects natural stone countertops from damage caused by water, salts and oilbased stains. Treated countertop surfaces become easier to clean, maintain, and keep looking good for longer. STAIN-PROOF Plus™ provides lasting protection for natural stone that comes with a 25 year warranty*.


STAIN-PROOF Plus™ is suitable for natural stone and concrete countertops.


• The next generation of Dry-Treat™’s world leading STAIN-PROOF™ Original sealer, optimized for dense natural stone

• Permanent premium oil and water repellence. 25- year written performance warranty when applied by a Dry-Treat™ Accredit Applicator

• Three different custom sealing molecules for 3 levels of penetration and maximum stain repellence

• Includes a super penetrator for deep penetration of dense granites and marbles.

• Retains natural surface color and finish

• Super breathable: water vapor escapes freely preventing harmful moisture build-up inside the treated material

• Suitable for indoor, outdoor, residential and commercial use