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Megapoxy 259


Megapoxy 259 is a two component solventless 100% solids epoxy resin for seamless flooring systems. Megapoxy 259 is pre pigmented to any Australian standard colour.

Megapoxy 259 should be mixed with fne epoxy quality sand grade 50N to provide an economical, high performance, chemical resistant floor in decorative colours.

Megapoxy 259 is usually applied between 2-3 mm per square metre.
Megapoxy 259 is recommended for packaging and processing areas, pharmaceutical, kitchens, warehouses, hospitals, laboratories and mechanical work shops


Megapoxy 259 is packaged in 10.3 litre kits which after the addition of upto 10 kg of fine epoxy quality sand grade 50N the yield is approximately 6 square metres of 3 mm thick flooring. Spread evenly with a knotched trowel followed by rolling with spiked roller in two directions to ensure even thickness.


Megapoxy 259 is available in 10.3 litre kits. In each kit Part “A” and Part “B” are measured in correct mixing ratio for immediate use. Megapoxy 259 is not a stock item. Please inform us of your intended quantity and colour. Epoxy Quality Sand grade 50N is available in 20 kg bags.




Πιστοποίηση 9001
Comply with ASTM standards
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