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Megapoxy 34

MEGAPOXY 34 is a low viscosity 100% solids epoxy resin formulation suitable for underground cable jointing and is recommended for encapsulation of instrument transformers, lighting transformers, small power transformers and coils, for electrical and electronic industries.

MEGAPOXY 34 is suitable for casting electrical switchgear components and for mechanical and chemical resistant applications.

Cured MEGAPOXY 34 has excellent static and dynamic mechanical properties as well as superior electrical and dielectric properties.


MEGAPOXY 34 is available in 2 kg kits and bulk supplies are available. In each 2 kg kit measuring cups and stirrers are provided. MEGAPOXY 34 conforms to AS3100-1990 including amendments 1,2 by AGL for encapsulating and potting of electrical components and cable joints.