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Megapoxy ΜC Pool coating

The following application guide is designed to assist in the successful painting of your swimming pool with  Megapoxy MC Pool Coating.
Please carefully read this guide prior to commencing preparing the pool surface ready for painting and prior to applying the Megapoxy MC Poll Coating.
Your attention is also drawn to the storage and handling information attached to the back of the Part A can of paint. Read the safety direction before opening the product or using.
MEGAPOXY MC POOL COATING is manufactured exclusively for MEGAPOXY HELLAS by VIVACITY ENGINEERING PTY LTD, under Quality Management System certifed to ISO 9001:2000, by Lloyds Register and NCS International.


MEGAPOXY MC POOL COATING exhibits a long working time and it is suitable for application with either Brush or a Medium-nap roller. To promote easy working, up to 10% epoxy thinners can be added to the product. Care must be taken to ensure all the thinner has evaporated before applying the second coat. Thinners must not be in the second or the subsequent coat.


MEGAPOXY MC POOL COATING is available in 4 litre and 16 litre kits. MEGAPOXY MC POOL COATING is available in a range of colours.