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Megapoxy MC

MEGAPOXY MC is a heavy duty epoxy maintenance coating. Normally it is applied in three coats giving a total 0.4 to 0.5 mm dry flm thickness, which is resistant to abrasion, impact and wide range of chemicals.

MEGAPOXY MC can be applied by airless spray equipment, roller or brush. The working time is suffciently long (2 hours) to make the use of twin spray heads unnecessary.


• Corrosion protection of steel
• Protective coating of concrete
• Coating of storage tanks for chemicals, foodstuffs, fuel etc.
• Hygienic and dust free floor and wall coatings.


MEGAPOXY MC is available in 5.0 kg (approx 4 litre) and 20 kg(approx 16 litre) kits in white, grey and blue. Other colours can be produced to suit individual requirements.