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Megapoxy Mega Tread

MEGA-TREAD is a heavy duty anti-slip trowelable compound with granular silicon carbide and other mineral infll.

MEGA-TREAD is ideally suited as an anti-slip coating or strip on concrete, stone, ceramics, fbreglass and metal surfaces, internally and externally


Recommended at least two bars 10 mm wide X 5 mm deep, 20 mm apart and 20 mm from the edge of the step.
Bars recommended (minimum) 10 mm wide X 5 mm deep and 100 mm apart.
One set of MEGA-TREAD will cover a clean flat surface of 1 m2 X 1 mm thick.

MEGA-TREAD is suitable on concrete, mosaic, marble, timber and is
suitable for large surfaces of mild steel chequer plate landings, ramps
and other slip prone surfaces.


Product thickness Coverage
1 mm thick 1 m2
2 mm thick 0.5 m2
10 mm wide x 5 mm depth 12 lineal metres