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Megapoxy PM, PF, 69

Clean, elegant lines of modern buildings reflect technical advances in stone cladding.

Modern methods of stone cutting and polishing combined with reliable and safe fxing with MEGAPOXY structural adhesives led to construction of many outstanding architectural masterpieces.


MEGAPOXY is available in 1, 4 and 20 litre re-sealable kits. Uncured MEGAPOXY can be cleaned up by wiping with an absorbent material such as paper towels and rags. Any residual material can be cleaned with warm soapy water. Cured removed by mechanical means only. Unmixed part A an part B are materials of very low toxicity but as with all industrial material, including sand and cement, personal hygiene and frequent washing of skin areas that came into contact with the unmixed ingredients, will adequately protect workers from industrial hygiene problems. Mixed and cured MEGAPOXY, avoid breathing dust. For further details refer to Bulletin No. 100. “Recommended industrial hygiene practices”.