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Megapoxy PM & PME

Megapoxy PME is designed to be a less viscous product than Megapoxy PM. The beneft of Megapoxy PME is that it can be applied by hand or spray equipment to facilitate ease of application over a larger area.

Megapoxy PM & Megapoxy PME are thermosetting 100% solid composition that does not contain solvent or any non-reactive organic ingredient except for pigment required for colouring.
The viscosity of Megapoxy PME mixed is 150,000 poise. Megapoxy PME does not sag up to 4 mm in thickness.


Epoxy to be applied to concrete face at ambient
temperatures between 5° to 35°C. (Single grade of epoxy is
• Between 0° to 5°C the epoxy is to be stored at a
temperature greater than 18°C for 12 hours, prior to
• Immediately before applying Megapoxy, the face of the
concrete is to be lightly warmed with a gas torch, ensuring
that the concrete becomes no warmer than 20° Celsius.