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Megapoxy Roll-on

Mega-Tread Roll-On is a highly resistant anti-slip product made from inert synthetic material combined with thixotropic epoxy adhesive. It offers excellent resistance on slippery surfaces.

It is easily applied with the roller provided and is ideal as a surface layer or anti-slip strip on marble, stone, ceramic, metal or concrete. It is recommended for indoor and outdoor applications, e.g. stairs, pools, showers, bathtubs, kitchens, ramps, and entertainment areas.

Recommended applications:

• Wood
• Aluminum
• Concrete
• Metals
• Pvc plastic
• Ceramics
• Marble


The Mega-Tread Roll on is available in:

• 0.450kg
• 1.320kg

The life of closed kits is at least 2 years.
The product should be stored in a cool, dry place

Data processing:

Mix ratio: Add Part B to Part A.
Mixing: Mix uniformly.
Useful life at 25 ° C: 20 minutes.
Minimum cure time: 24 hours at 25º C
Full cure time: 4 days.
Minimum recommended temperature: 10 ° C

Possible Coverage:

3m⊃2; yield for 0.450kg.
10m⊃2; performance for 1.320kg.