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With StoneLux, you can benefit from a comprehensive repair system designed for the high-quality repair of small and medium damage. StoneLux can be used for a wide range of requirements for stone repair.

To develop StoneLux, the light-curing technology used in medical technology has been harnessed for application in natural stone repair. This technology uses high-quality composite materials. When illuminated with an LED light source, these liquid composite materials cure within a few seconds. A cleverly thought out range of colours and newly developed crystalline particles enable the user to create both colour and three-dimensional effects that closely simulate natural stone.

The Primer establishes a reliable and durable bond between the composite and natural or engineered stone.

Specially designed tools help achieve impeccable repairs without marring the neighbouring stone surfaces.

Main benefits at a glance

Fast repairs in a single appointment

High surface quality and durable lustre

Perfect optical integration into natural and engineered stone

Colour stability, non-yellowing

Suitable for indoor and outdoor use

No mechanical damage to neighbouring surfaces

A quick breakeven