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Natural rocks have some peculiarities in their structure and hardness. Some of them are so sensitive that even the use of common household detergents may cause irreparable damage by alterig their color or by eroding the surface and the interior. Megapoxy and Dry-Treat cleaners are easy to use and protect and clean the slabs and tiles.

Organic dirt, food stains, leaves and plants, soil, mud and grease get cleaned with Megapoxy Mega-Cleaner and Hanafinn Oxy-Klenza. These mild detergents are suitable for everyday use as well.

  • Inorganic stains such as salts and rust can be removed with the Hanafinn Eff-Erayza cleanser.
  • It is important that the clean surfaces are protected after cleaning with Dry-Treat protection and reinforcement materials.



Πιστοποίηση 9001
Comply with ASTM standards
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